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K-9 Drawing and PCC 2013 Badge Submission

I thought I talked about the drawing I did of K-9 and how I entered it into the Phoenix Comicon 2013 art badge contest on here, but I didn’t! Oops!

About a year (maybe more?) ago, I made a digital painting/drawing of K-9 from Doctor Who. It was hard to paint because I couldn’t find a 100% side view photograph of K-9. I ended up fusing many photos and created the painting based off those photos.

Here’s what he looks like without a background…..

Clicking on the painting will take you to the deviantART submission

This year, I decided to enter the Phoenix Comicon’s art badge contest. I entered two years ago, but I didn’t make it to the finals. I took a year off to improve my art and in that year, a lot of stuff happened including the death of my dog Luke. I used to watch Doctor Who with him and I joked his favorite character in the series is K-9. (Because they’re both dogs) I already planned on entering the badge contest this year, but after Luke’s death and numerous other things that happened at or around his death (The other stuff didn’t have anything to do with Luke), I didn’t feel like drawing a brand new picture. I ended up just submitting this K-9 painting into the contest after I added a background to it…


Much to my surprise, I made it to the final voting round! After the voting was over, I didn’t win, but I did get 127 votes!


That was more than I anticipated! I was hoping for over 120 votes, so this made me happy.

Although I got more votes that I planned on earning, I didn’t win the contest or even got an honorable mention because I didn’t get enough votes. I probably would have earned more votes if I promoted the painting more on Tumblr and here on wordpress, but there was still things I needed to deal with from the time Luke died so I didn’t really care about the contest as much as I probably should have. So, the promotion of voting for my painting fell to the waist side. Still, I’m glad I got the votes I did!

And there you have it! My K-9 painting, how I entered it into the PCC art badge contest, and how I fared. I still plan on entering next year’s contest and I also am playing with ideas on what I could enter into the PCC’s contest along with other local convention art badge contest. I’m just glad all the bad stuff that was happening during that time is over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore! 😀

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