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30 Day Art Challenge- Days 3 and 4

Well, after spending some time resting and trying to get over the flu, I finally feel good enough to make a post to talk about days 3 and 4 of the 30 day art challenge. The art challenge is still on hiatus, but once I feel better I’ll start the art challenge again starting on day 5. ^_^

Clicking on the pictures will take you to the deviantART pages for each picture.

Day 3… Miku Hatsune

I’ve been wanting to draw Miku for a while (while = years) but whenever I drew her, I didn’t like the way she turned out. I decided spontaneously that I should try to paint Miku in Gimp as part of the art challenge.

This was the first time I used the “paint” tool in Gimp to draw the line art of a picture. I usually use the “ink” tool to draw line art, but after using the paint tool, I like how it works and would like to use it more in line art.

Miku’s base colors were colored using the fill bucket tool and the shading was done by using the air brush tool.


Day 4… Elizabethan Riding Hat

On day 4 of the challenge, I started to get sick with the flu. In an attempt to help myself get better, I stopped working so much on the computer and began to rest more. Since I wasn’t working on the computer so much, I decided to draw day 4’s picture on copy/printer paper with  a mechanical pencil. This ended up being the last picture I drew in the art challenge before I went on hiatus.

This hat is made from the Elizabethan Riding Hat pattern from Patterns of Time. I plan on using it for a costume in the future, but at this time I’ve switched my sewing concentration to other projects. The hat is finished (Sans some decorations and interior lining) and has a wires to help keep the shape of the brim. (The pattern talks about where to put the wires in the hat.)


Hopefully I’ll return to the drawing challenge by the middle of next week. I really do miss the drawing challenge and I really do want to continue it.

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