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Tudor Dress Foresleeves Progress

About two months ago I decided to work on my Tudor dress again. The next piece I had to work on was the “fore sleeves” or under sleeves as I like to think of them as. While I was working on the sleeves, my sewing machine broke so I was left to decide if I should wait until the machine was fixed or sew the whole thing by hand. After a week of no sewing, I became too stir crazy and ended up sewing both sleeves by hand.

The sleeves were made out of white silkessence (it’s fake silk that’s more lightweight than real silk), black flocked taffeta, and buttons with rhinestones in the middle of them. I had a hard time finding buttons for the sleeves, but I luckily found the buttons I used for the sleeves on sale.

Here’s what the sleeves look like…

Unfortunately, I do not have any better photos of the sleeves done. (All the photos I took of the details turned out blurry and bad) I hope once I finish the whole entire costume I will get some really nice photos of me wearing it and maybe even some detail shots of it as well.

I used Simplicity pattern number 2589 for the sleeves and the whole entire gown. I also did not modify the actual pattern any. (Sans some mistake cuts I made while cutting the sleeves out of the fabric) When I took the photograph of the sleeves, they didn’t have the ribbons used to tie them to the gown’s sleeves sewn on. (The ribbons are used to make sure the fore sleeves don’t fall off)

I still need to finish the “underskirt” of the dress before the clothing part of the costume will be done. I don’t plan on making the hood/headdress for the costume right now because I’m running out of time before the Renaissance Festival begins and I don’t feel like making it right now. 😉

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