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New Items for My Etsy Store!

After too many distractions and what felt like forever, I was able to make new items and list them for sale at my Etsy store! And then I forgot to make a post about them. *face/palm*

I made three Christmas decorations, two Christmas stockings and one Christmas tree skirt. All three are made out of back satin and Marvel’s The Avengers fabric. I really like the way the back made the bright colors of the Avengers fabric stand out more. 🙂

Here is a photo of the skirt…

Avengers Christmas Tree Skirt

I made two Christmas stockings, one with a hanging loop on the right side of the sock and another with a loop on the left. I didn’t intended on making the sock with loops on different sides, but thanks to a mistake in cutting the fabric it turned out that way. I don’t mind is so much though. Although I hang my socks with loops on the right side of the sock, I’ve seen others hang their stockings with loops on the left. So, this gives anyone interested in buying the stocking options. 🙂

Here are the socks…

Avengers Christmas Stocking
Avengers Christmas Stocking
Avengers Christmas Stocking
Avengers Christmas Stocking

Unfortunately, that’s all I was able to make at this time. I’m currently doing a major cleaning of my house so I don’t have the time to sew as much as I want and need to. It’s frustrating because I have so many things I need to finish or work on, but the cleaning is long overdue and is very badly needed. I think once I’m done cleaning, I will have more room to properly store fabric so it’s actually a good thing!

Thank you for reading!