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Etsy 2015 Holiday Break (Plus a little life update)

I can’t believe I made only one post in November! I usually make at least three or so posts a month so I’m a little annoyed with myself for not blogging. This past month was chaotic because of preparation for the holiday season and continuing to deal with a family illness. Because of everything going on, whenever I sit down to type blog posts, I feel way too tired to think of something to write. Although things are getting busier for me, I feel better than I did in October and much better than I did the beginning of this year. I’m able to do more things by myself and I feel good enough to walk and even run a little! Reminding myself about how much progress I’ve made in my health helps me when I feel sad or depressed about everything that’s going on in my life right now.

Since I’m very busy with my normal life and the holidays, I decided to take a holiday vacation from my Etsy store. The vacation starts on December 7th and ends on January 18th. I will unlist everything in my store until January 18th, then I will relist anything non-Christmas for sale. So, if anyone wants anything from my store for Christmas, you’ll need to purchase it by December 7th.

During my vacation, I’ll still be sewing, but I will not work on the ballgowns and dress I wanted to make this year. Although I have a huge list of dresses and ballgowns, both costumes and non costumes, and I bought the fabric and supplies to make them, my recent growth spurts caused me to outgrow costumes very quickly. (I made a costume in August and, after I tried it on in October, I’m already too tall to wear it!) Since I want to wear the costumes for more than a month, I’m waiting till I’m done growing to make them. There are a few I can still work on and finish, but for the most part I’ll be working on making other things to wear. I hope to write posts about the new things I’m working on. 🙂

I’m also working on some new drawings. I’m not sure when I’ll finish them, but they are coming! Eventually. XD

Well, that’s about it! Thank you for reading!

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