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The New Dress Form

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a new dress form. My old one still works, but thanks to my growth spurts I’m now too long in the torso to fit the measurements. I tried to pad it, but after a while the padding didn’t help the dress form’s measurements fit mine so I bought a new one.

Here’s what the new dress form looks like…

dress form (2) dress form (3) dress form (4)

The dress form is a size medium/large and is adjustable. Since I’m currently trying to exercise more, I wanted a dress form that I can adjust the size of in case I loose weight and get thinner. This dress form’s smallest bust measurement is 39 inches, one inch bigger than my old dress form’s largest bust measurement.

There are some differences between my new dress form and my old one. One of the major differences is my new dress form is a Singer brand dress form while my old one is a Dritz. My new dress form also does adjust differently than my old one. The Dritz adjust by turning dials while the Singer uses keys…

dress form (1)

At first I thought it was weird to adjust the size of the dress form by a key but after playing with the dress form, I like using a key more. The dress form also came with a second key, I assume in case I loose one. (Great idea because that was one of my worries about this new dress form was what I’d do if I lost the key)

Something else I like about my new dress form is it has a place to put key on the neck of the dress form…

dress form (5)

And once you take the key out, it becomes a pin cushion…

dress form (6)

After looking over my new dress form and putting clothes on it, I’m very pleased with my purchase. I also wonder what took me so long to buy a new one in the first place because I love this new dress form more than my old one. ( In case you’re wondering why I didn’t buy a new one, I wanted to be practical, I already had one that worked, I wanted to save money, ect.)

I plan on using my old dress form in the future to help me make things for my Etsy store. Counting my brand new dress form, I have three dress forms and I use all three of them. Four years ago I never would’ve expected to own, let alone use, so many dress forms, but I do! It’s a weird feeling because I always thought very serious sewers would have different dress forms in different sizes and use all of them. I never expected to be fit in a serious sewers category, but I do. XD

Thank you for reading!

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