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Daily Sketches- September 2015

Lately I’ve had trouble sewing my projects, mostly because I wasn’t able to finish any of them! Everything I’m working on right now is very time consuming and requires a lot of hand sewing. Since I don’t have sewing progress to blog about, I decided to talk about my attempt to draw a sketch a day.

Near the end of September I decided to try to draw a sketch a day in a new sketch book. Unfortunately, it only lasted five days. In my defense, everything was going well with my sketches until a huge storm have the second week of October. There was hail, flooding, and winds so bad it broke branches off trees and stripped leaves off plants. It was awful and I was more concerned about what needed to be cleaned up and if anything was damaged than drawing another sketch. Fortunately, very little was damaged but there was a lot of clean up, and that clean up continues to this day. (I’m got sick somewhere in there so it delayed clean up a few days)

Anyway, here are the sketches I was able to do in the five days before I had to stop sketching! Please excuse the poor quality of the photos of the drawings. I tried to adjust them in Photoshop but it didn’t help very much. :'(

Day one was dedicated drawing a dog that just won a pageant while wearing a princess dress…

daily sketches september 2015 (5)

Day two I drew my dog Brownie. She was sitting in her bed while I was sketching, looking at me. She looked adorable so I sketched her. I think she knew I was sketching so she posed for me. She does this sometimes when I take photos of her.

daily sketches september 2015 (4)

For day three I drew a sketch of a girl that looked like Alice from Alice in Wonderland…

daily sketches september 2015 (3)

Day four I drew a girl upside down. I was watching videos of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Disneyland so I was inspired to draw something Rapunzel might look like while climbing and hang upside down. I was also trying to practice drawing people from different angles. I never drew someone upside down so it was good practice for me.

daily sketches september 2015 (2)

And finally, on day 5, I sketched a sunset from a castle near the sea. The drawing isn’t based off something I saw (Besides Arizona’s well known sunsets) but I used to draw scenes like this quite a lot when I was young. It was calming to think up a landscape and draw it. I think I should do it more often. It’s a great way for me to break an artist block and it’s still calming for me. And I need something calming to think about!

daily sketches september 2015 (1)

That’s all the drawings I have! I do want to get on board #inktober on Instagram, but I’m unsure if I can maintain drawing a new drawing every day until the end of October. It seems every time I decide to do a sketch a day or participate in a meme something weird and abnormal gets in my way and I must quit halfway though working on it. So, I’m a little scared to join inktober. I think what I’ll probably do is make my own version of inktober and call it “draw with ink whenever you can without worrying about creating a new drawing every day in October”. It doesn’t have the ring to the name like inktober, but it will be more my speed! XD

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!