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31 Fall Themed Art Prompts

Hi everyone! When I worked on a list of art prompts for my Inktober/Sketchtober post for this year, I began to think of other ideas that would be great for a themed list! After some work, I created a fall themed art prompts list. This fall themed list focuses on fall themed ideas only. Halloween oriented ideas will have their own list.

This list is not the only themed list I will be posting this week for Inktober/Sketchtober, so if you don’t like this art prompt list, then my other lists may interest you! I hope you are inspired!

  1. Welcome to Fall!
  2. Autumn in the Office
  3. Fall Sweaters
  4. Fall Leaves
  5. Fall Coffee
  6. Main Street of a Small Town
  7. Pumpkin Picking
  8. Apple Picking
  9. Fall Church or Casual Sunday Vibes
  10. Squirrels and Acorns
  11. Pumpkins on a Porch (Or a Porch Decorated for Fall)
  12. Fall Flower Bouquet
  13. A Wedding in Fall
  14. Quilts
  15. Knitting and/or Crochet
  16. Farmers’ Market
  17. Somewhere in the Hills
  18. Baking
  19. Camping
  20. Fishing
  21. Hiking
  22. Fall in the City
  23. Fall in the Country
  24. Fall Music
  25. Fall Festival
  26. Hayride
  27. Corn Maze
  28. Cozy Country Bed and Breakfest
  29. Fall Picknick
  30. Fall Sunrise
  31. Fall Sunset


If you don’t feel inspired by the prompts, here are some alternative prompts that may inspire you…

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Homecoming
  • School Days


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!