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2023 Inktober Art Prompts

Hi everyone! It’s almost October, which means many artists are partaking in Inktober (Or Sketchtober, which I prefer to do). If you never heard of either, Sketchtober is an artistic exercise in which someone sketches a new subject for 31 days. Inktober is the same as Sketchtober, but artist must use ink based art tools. As the names would suggest, this happens every October.

I used to write a list of Inktober art prompts, but I took a year off due to a lack of ideas and inspiration. This year I decided to revive my old tradition of creating a new list of art prompts! This year, I tried to think of more fall and Halloween prompts. I also threw in a few non fall and Halloween themed prompts as well. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Fall Cozy Fashion
  2. Fall Cozy Coffee
  3. Pumpkin Picking
  4. Meanwhile, At the Farm
  5. Meanwhile, At the Ranch
  6. Makeup
  7. Perfume
  8. Bookworm
  9. Sketch Your Favorite Vehicle or Vehicles
  10. Baking
  11. Sewing
  12. Knitting
  13. Crochet
  14. Travel
  15. Hiking
  16. Camping
  17. High School Homecoming
  18. Thanksgiving
  19. Magic Girl
  20. Waltz
  21. Jive
  22. Roaring 1920’s
  23. 2020’s Fashion
  24. Favorite Music Artist or Band
  25. Favorite Actor
  26. Sketch Something Inspired by You Favorite Art (Such as piece by Vincent Van Goa or Leonardo da Vinci)
  27. Fall Festival
  28. Haunted House
  29. Black Cat
  30. Meanwhile, at the Vampire’s Mansion…
  31. Trick or Treat


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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