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Sketch Book Saturday- Miku Hatsune

A few days ago I went though my sketch books and found many drawings I never posted or talked about online. Since I had so many pictures, I decided to try to have a themed post day. I’m calling it Sketch Book Saturday! The posts will be posted on Saturday and each post will talk about a different drawing I found in my sketch book. I’m unsure how long this post series will last, but it will probably end once I run out of drawings I feel comfortable posting online. (They are those drawings that nobody wants anyone to see because they’re incomplete, started out well but didn’t end up that way, and generally embarrassing to look at.)

The first drawing in this series is a drawing of Miku Hatsune!


Sorry for the bad photograph. 😛

This drawing was done as a sketch for the 2013 Saboten Con art badge contest entry. I don’t remember much about this drawing except I had the idea for the drawing for months and it was the first time I drew it. I’m still pleased with how she turned out and looking at the picture makes me smile.

I have no plans on coloring it because I like it the way it looks. I also plan on hanging it in my sewing room. I’m not sure where in my sewing room because I’m running out of wall room, but I’ll think of something. 🙂

The drawing was drawn on sketch paper (Or drawing paper? I don’t remember.) with .5 and .7 mechanical pencils.

So that’s it for the first post in the series! Hope you liked it!

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