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Sketch Book Saturday- Princess Amy

It’s Saturday again so it’s time to feature and talk about another drawing from my sketch books…. Princess Amy.


Again, sorry for the bad photo. The flash would wash out the pencil lines.

This drawing isn’t new to the internet, I’ve already posted it on DeviantART a while ago, but I recently re-discovered it while looking through my sketch books. It was drawn on drawing paper and .5 and .7 mechanical pencils.

This drawing was the first in a series of black and white drawings of women wearing historical costumes. Although the woman’s clothes is more in line with fairy tales, it started the rest.

The idea for the drawing was based off a Doctor Who comic I was reading at that time. In the beginning of the comic, Amy Pond was annoyed she had to wear a pink and very girly princess dress. I liked the idea, so I drew this. I guess it’s my version of “annoyed Princess Amy”. XD

Anyway, this picture is for sale as prints on Redbubble and Society6. I plan on keeping the original and hanging it on the wall of my sewing room…. as soon as I figure out where there is an empty spot to hang it. XD

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