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Dripping in Jewels Watercolor Painting

Since the last time I painted with watercolors, I had a brainstorm of ideas for more watercolor paintings. I didn’t why this happened nor did I know if any of them would turn out as nicely as I imagined them, but it was worth a try!

Although some of the ideas I had for watercolor paints didn’t work out well, namely fabric designs using watercolor paintings as base paintings (I need to use a different paint program for that idea to be successful), one of the paintings that turned out well was some I did of females.

The first painting I completed is called Dripping in Jewels…

Dripping in Jewels- Original watercolor painting
Dripping in Jewels- Original watercolor painting

It’s not as dripping in jewels as I imagined it, but I’m still very pleased with the outcome! This painting was finished last month, but since I’ve been very busy offline I was unable to post the completed version of it till now. I also have a stack of other paintings waiting to get painted that I had to set aside until I have the time to work on them.

As fond as I am of the painting, I seriously doubt I’ll make prints of it for sale on Society6 and Redbubble, mostly because I can’t see this painting on the other products they sell such as iphone cases and such, and I’m unsure if anyone will buy a print of it. My mom, on the other hand, is fond of it so I’ll probably give the original to her for her up-coming birthday. (Don’t tell her! XD)

Well, that’s it for this painting! I’m not sure if working with watercolors will become a permanent way of creating art in my artistic repertoire, but I don’t think it will surpass digital art as my main way of drawing/painting. Still, it’s nice to work with and I enjoy painting more than I ever have!

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