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See U- Taiyou Con’s 2014 Art Badge Entry

To make a long story short, I entered Taiyou Con’s 2014 art badge contest. Taiyou Con is an anime convention that I never attended before this yeat, but I know others who did and enjoyed it.

Like I did with my Saboten Con entry, I painted a Vocaloid to paint. This time, it was SeeU…

As usual, I lost. I won’t go into the details of how I found out I lost, what I thought of the convention when I attended, ect. because if I did, this post would turn into a rant VERY quickly. Since this post was meant to talk about my SeeU painting and say that I entered it into Taiyou Con’s art badge contest, I’ll refrain from ranting and let everyone enjoy my painting.

Well, that’s about it! Sorry this is a short post. It ended up being short because, even though it’s been a month since the convention, I’m still miffed about it. Again, I won’t go into details, but I think you get the point I didn’t have fun for several reasons.

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