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K-9 Cosplays the Warrior Doctor

Sorry this post is late. I’ve been busy suddenly and… I wasn’t expecting to get busy at all. Ugh. Anyway, this painting was not originally on my list for the K-9 cosplays paint series, not because I don’t think the Warrior Doctor is considered a “Doctor”, but because I didn’t know how to make K-9 look like he is dressed up as the Warrior Doctor. Although it was hard a hard painting, I didn’t want to give up on the idea because I liked the Warrior Doctor too much. It took a while to figure out, but I think I finally did it….

k-9 cosplays warrior doctor Clicking on the painting will take you to the DevaintART page of the painting.

Yep. I added The Moment. Or in the box form at least. I didn’t have the time to paint the hologram of Rose Tyler. ^_^ Hopefully that will make K-9 more recognizable as the Warrior Doctor! There is something I need to talk about that deals with the way I painted K-9…K-9’s neck is very rigid so it makes his head go up and down only. Because of the way I positioned K-9 in the painting, I had to change the way his neck “moves”. So, the neck is more flexible and would me more in line with the way K-9’s neck moves in the TV series K-9. So if you saw the and thought it was inconstant with his movement, that’s why. 🙂 Anyway, enjoy and that’s all for now!

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