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K-9 Cosplays the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th Doctor

Well, today is the last day to finish the rest of the K-9 Cosplays paintings and I’m three paintings behind. Originally I was going to finish/post the last painting on December 25th, but the past three days made me realize that might not be possible due to busy, non-holiday related things. So, I decided to post the rest of the paintings at once on the 24th so I can call it done and not be so stressed out about it.

Since I’m posting the finished, un-posted paintings on the same day, I decided to make one mass post about all the paintings instead of individual posts about each painting.

The paintings are of K-9 dressing as the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th Doctors.

Clicking on the paintings will take you to the devaintART page of the painting.

First… the 3rd Doctor…

K-9 cosplays 3rd Doctor

This painting was the last one I worked on and by this time, I was out of ideas. I didn’t remember very much about the 3rd Doctor’s episodes (I was young the last time I saw them) so that didn’t help me in the idea department. Although it wasn’t my first idea, I ended up painting the cape and some of the frilly tie he wore. (I’m not sure what the “frilly tie” is officially called, but hopefully you understand what I’m talking about.) I like how it turned out and I’m satisfied with how the painting looks, but I’m still unsure if anyone else can see it’s K-9 wearing 3’s clothes. (I guess that’s my artist insecurities talking?)

Next, the 5th Doctor…

K-9 cosplays 5th Doctor

I don’t know why, but I had problems thinking of a pose for K-9. After a while I gave up and let the painting sit for five days (Go figure) before returning to it and finishing it. I thought about adding the “decorative vegetable” (The celery on the lapel) but since K-9’s head was in the way so… I just let everyone think it’s hidden behind K-9’s head. Because it is.

And now, the 7th Doctor….

K-9 cosplays 7th Doctor

Although I think the painting I did of K-9 dressed as the 2nd Doctor is the cutest painting I did in this series., I like this painting of K-9 dressed as the 7the Doctor the second most. I thought it would be funny if K-9, wearing 7’s coat, looked like he was holding the umbrella. Of course that can’t happen because K-9 doesn’t have arms, but it’s still cute to look at. I also included 7’s scarf and hat. I thought about including 7’s vest, but the idea is that K-9 is wearing clothes the Doctor actually wore. Since K-9 is a box shape, the sweater would probably get stretched out of shape if it was put on K-9. So…. no sweater for K-9.

And last but certainly not least, the 11th Doctor…

K-9 cosplays 11th Doctor

Well, by the time I got around to painting K-9 dressed as the 11th Doctor, I was pretty much worn out and was out of ideas for K-9 poses. (It was the second to last painting I worked on) I decided to paint a close up of K-9 and included the fez, bow tie, and jacket 11 wore. I always intended on including the fez, bow tie, and jacket, but K-9’s pose was the hardest to figure out.

And now this painting series is done! Until the 12th Doctor shows up. Then I’ll have to paint K-9 dressed up as him too! Over all I’m pleased with how all the paintings turned out and I do feel more confident in drawing/painting robots.

That’s all for now!

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