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Florence, Arizona Home Tour- February 2018- Part 18

After seeing the First Presbyterian Church, I walked to my final location on the tour: The Pinal County Historical Museum. By this time I was worn out from all the walking I did, but I wanted to walk to the museum because along the way was the Florence K-8 school.

I went to Florence’s Elementary and Middle Schools. In my last year of middle school, the elementary school and middle school merged and became a K-8. During my freshman year of high school, parts of the middle school portion of the school was demolished and two story building was built. Fortunately, the front of the middle school building was left alone and looks nearly the same way as it did when I went to school there.

And they left the middle school sign that sat in front of the school since the very early 1980’s…

I can go on and on about the history of the school, my past with the school, and so much more, but I’ll leave that for another post. I will say I didn’t have a great time going to school in Florence. Despite this, I made an effort to walk by the school because I wanted to take a few photographs and video of the school and remember it. I planned to move later on that year, but it was postponed due to health issues and, most recently, the Coronavirus/Covid-19 stay at home orders.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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