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Navy Sweater: Progress and Future Armhole Changes

Hi everyone! After taking some time to knit, I made progress making my navy sweater. Despite my issues with the instructions, I finished the neckline, shoulder, armholes, and began to work on the body of the sweater. I feel much better about how the sweater is turning out, so I wanted to show off my progress!

This is what the sweater looks like…

And here is a closeup of the Ragland sleeve line and the top of the sleeve…

So far I have not encounter any issues with my patched together knitting pattern. I don’t think I will experience many more issues because I already know how to knit every technique to finish the sweater. The only issue I encounter is with the yarn.

I already washed some of the skeins of yarn before I knitted them. (I won’t go into why I did that, but just know it was a mistake to wash the skeins before knitting it) This caused some of the yarn to be a lighter color than the other skeins. I think this happened because of dye loss in the washing machine. I’m sad about this because all the yarn is from the same dye lot, but knitted together they don’t look like it. I’m hopeful the color issue with straighten out once I wash the completed sweater.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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