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White Cardigan Progress- What Needs to be Finished & a Yarn Dye Lot Mistake

Hi everyone! As I write this, I’m starting to run out of things I knitted but never talked about online. Still, I have two more projects that I would like to talk about. The are both cardigans, but I never finished either of them.

I used the same knitting pattern for both cardigans and the same yarn, but not the same color yarn. In this post, I’m going to talk about the white colored cardigan. I’ll talk about the second one, a navy blue color, in a future post.

This is what the cardigan looks like…

As of the writing of this post, this as far I got in knitting the cardigan. I still need to knit the sleeves, pockets, and ribbed knit collar and front edge. Once that is done, I will be completely done with the cardigan!

The yarn I am using for this cardigan is Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo. I want to eventually make a cardigan using a nice, 100% cotton yarn. I won’t start searching for yarn until I finish both this cardigan and the navy blue one.

The pattern for the cardigan has ragland sleeves. Unlike the navy blue sweater, I the pattern worked out correctly. Also, the sleeves turned out very well…

The funny part is I knitted this cardigan and the navy colored one before I started the sweater. It shows had bad the sweater pattern was!

Here is what the pockets look like right now…

Everything went smoothly as I knitted the cardigan. Yet, I still decided to stop knitting it. The reason why I decided to stop is because I used the wrong lot of yarn color.

You cannot see this in the photographs, but the bottom half of the cardigan is knitted with a different color yarn. It is still white and blends in enough to not be obvious, but in the right lighting, the color difference is very noticeable. I thought I purchased the right color yarn from the right dye lot and started to knit the rest of the cardigan, but I was wrong.

Since the photographs do not show the color difference at all, I wanted to show where the dye lot changes by marking the correct dye lot side and wrong dye lot side. So, here is a photograph of the cardigan’s body with the dye lots identified…

I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to take apart what I knitted and re knit it with the right dye lot yarn. As of the writing of this post, I still haven’t decided. I’m seriously leaning towards not undoing the bottom of the cardigan and just wear it in my house. I need to make a decision soon. It’s getting later in the year and cooler temperatures are coming!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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