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Navy Cardigan Progress- Mistakes, Fixes, and What Needs to Be Completed

Hi everyone! In my last post, I mentioned the white cardigan is not the only cardigan I am working on. A second one, made out of navy blue yarn, is also a work in progress, but is more finished than the first one. Despite problems with the sleeves, I am very happy with the progress on this cardigan. Between the white cardigan and this navy one, I think the navy cardigan will be finished first.

This is what the cardigan looks like right now…

Just like the white cardigan, this cardigan is made out of Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo yarn. I decided to make a navy colored cardigan because I wear a lot of colors that goes with blue. Even though white works with those colors, I still wanted a navy colored one. I also wanted to have a cardigan in navy because white can get dirty easily.

Unlike the white cardigan, I didn’t buy yarn from the wrong dye lot. (I learned my lesson and didn’t want it to happen again!) Since I didn’t have setbacks that required me to think about what my next steps for knitting the cardigan with this one, I could continue knitting without a problem. This allowed me to work on the sleeves.

I finished the sleeves and am very happy with the way they turned out!

Even though I really love the knitting pattern I’m using for the cardigan, I do have an issue with the end of the sleeves. It called for the creation of a decorative ribbed knit for the end of the sleeves. I didn’t like this idea because I believe I would need more stretch for my hands and wrists. So, I made a normal ribbed knit (K1P1 Repeat) and binded off with Jenny’s Stretchy Bind Off…

The bottom of the sleeves turned out well, but I did have an issue with the sleeve. It was not a pattern problem, but a knitting needle issue. I couldn’t find the right size double pointed knitting needles to knit in the round and I couldn’t use circular needles, so I thought I could use a smaller gage needles to knit the sleeves. I didn’t think the gauge I used would be an issue, but it was. And now the top of one of the sleeves has a smaller stitch than the rest of the sleeve and cardigan…

I did buy some new double ended knitting needles to finish the sleeve, but I decided to leave the smaller stitches in the sleeve. I actually liked the way it looked and didn’t effect the way the sleeve fitted very much. I copied this on the other sleeve by knitting with the smaller gauge of needles and then switching to the correct knitting needle gauge to come the sleeve.

I think I will be working on this cardigan very soon. All I need to finish on it is the pockets and the ribbed knit collar and then it will be done. I’m very excited about finishing it soon! As the weather cools off, I look forward to wearing it!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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