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I’m on Instagram! (Plus an Etsy store and life update)

After almost a month of not touching my blog, I’m still trying to get back to blogging. Like I said in my previous post, I was still sewing, drawing, and taking photos, but I never blogged nor updated my social networking sites like I wanted to. This was due to many things that happened last month that distracted me and/or took away any energy I had to sit down in front of my computer and type.

Although I cannot talk about nor can give details of many of the “things” here on my blog (I’m following my parent’s wishes for privacy), I can say my mom became very ill a few years ago. Her illness became much worse in the past eight months and, because of it, I had to dedicate most of my time to taking care of her. (This is also why I did not attend this year’s Phoenix Comicon) Last month was the worst month she had so I had to forget about anything personal I wanted to do in order to help take care of her. To make matters worse, I had yet another unexpected bout of growth spurts. The growth spurts was not as serious as the ones I had in April and May, but it was harder to find time to rest when I had to take care of my mom plus work at my day job. Although I can still feel my body shifting around and trying to get longer, I’m doing better and my mom is too, but I’m still weary of her health. Still, I’ve been able to rest more and I have time to work on things again.

Although I didn’t have the energy to continue blogging this past July, I did focus on sewing, drawing, and taking photos as a way to take my mind off the stress I was under. I hope to make posts about what I made, drew, and took photos of over the past month in the future.

On a happier note, after years of resisting, I finally broke down and created a profile on Instagram. Like with my other social networking sites, I’m Essie of Who on Instagram but I styled as essie_of_who and you can see my profile here. I’m trying to be good about posting photos on there, but since I can’t post photos from my digital camera, only using my phone’s camera which isn’t that great, I can’t guarantee the quality of them. Still, I was able to take some really nice photos of sunsets that impressed me very much! Since I’m still trying to figure out how to use Instagram, I’m cannot link photos I took here on my website like I can with Flickr. I did figure out how to post photos to my twitter, which is great because I let it go quiet because I like to use more spaces to say what I want to say than twitter allows. So, right now twitter has more activity than it used to, but the tweets are just links to Instagram photos. XD

I am also learning how to post photos I took with my digital camera onto Instagram. I can do it, but the problem is finding time to do it!

As for my Etsy shop, I reopened my store! I also relisted the two Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dresses, but I added to the listings an option to include an underskirt with tulle on the bottom of them. I also relisted the Christmas socks I listed last year but didn’t sell. So far the only new listings I have are of earrings I made but never got around to listing and some of my art work. There are other drawings I want to list, but they’re much larger than the ones I listed so I’m looking into how to ship them safely without getting bent.

Well, that’s it for now!