Clara’s Cold War Dress- Second Version Part 1

A few years ago, I made my own version of Clara Oswald’s dress in the Doctor Who episode, Cold War. While I made it, I hated how it was turning out and, after completing it, I hated the way it looked even more. I always wanted to remake it, but it wasn’t until 2016 I was able to do it. Because I made and finished the dress in 2016, I don’t remember a lot about the dress itself or how I constructed it, but I wanted to talk about it before it becomes a costume that gets lost in my closet and is forgotten before I can talk about it on my blog.

While doing research into the dress, I found Mariah’s Cosplay Site has a page dedicated to the costume and even has an idea what kind of dress was used in the episode, the Vivienne Westwood Metallic Pannier Dress. After reading it, I decided to make my dress have a similar neckline to the Vivienne Westwood dress, but modify it to accommodate my recent and future weight loss. 🙂 Continue reading “Clara’s Cold War Dress- Second Version Part 1”

Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 2

After a writer’s block last week, I finally finished the last post about how I made Elsa’s Frozen Fever dress! Although this is the last post about the dress, the posts about the shirt and cape will not be posted for a while because I have yet to work on them. XD

In my last post, I talked about sewing the dress together and talking about how I sewed the shirring into the back of the dress. Today, I’ll talk about sewing sequins onto the dress and finishing the dress.

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Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 1

A few months ago, I planned on going to Phoenix Comicon 2016. I ended up not going because I wanted to take care of my ill family member, but when I was planning on going I decided to make and wear Elsa’s dress from Frozen Fever…

Elsa Frozen Fever

I recently just finished the main dress, so I thought I’d talk about how I made it and what it looks like done! Continue reading “Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 1”

Anna’s Coronation Dress- Finishing the Skirt

After what feels like forever, I can now finally make the last post about the skirt for Anna’s coronation dress! You can read my other posts about the skirt here and here.

I’m not going to lie, I’m very happy this skirt is done. I was getting very tired of working on it and seeing it around my house. Now that it’s done, I can work on long list of to-sew projects that keeps growing every week. (Most of them are repairs or adjustments to clothes so you won’t see them here on my blog. Especially since they are uninteresting and boring. 😉 )

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Favorite Patterns for 2015- McCall’s

It’s that time of year when Simplicity and McCall’s release their costume patterns and for me to make talk about my favorite patterns from the new releases. Normally I talk about what patterns would be great for, but this year there are so many patterns aimed directly at cosplayers/costumers that I decided to talk about what patterns I like the most for McCall’s and Simplicity in separate posts.

First, I’ll start with McCall’s… Continue reading “Favorite Patterns for 2015- McCall’s”

Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood Dress- Is it Red or Orange?

Recently I received a question about the color of the Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood dress I made a few months ago. You can read more about the dress I made here. In the post, I referred to the color of the dress as “orange” but in the photos I took, the dress has more of a red color than orange. The difference in color made me wonder, what is a good way of describing the color? Is it really a red or an orange?

After looking through the notes I made about the dress, it is not just a red or an orange, but a combination of both.

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Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern Dress- Sequin Progress Update

I know I said I was going to make more posts about my art, I decided to make another post about making Rose Tyler’s pink dress from the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern.

A few days ago, I reached a milestone in sewing sequins on the bodice! As of a few days ago (Monday) I finished sewing sequins on half the bodice! Yippie!

Here’s what the front of the bodice looks like…

rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice 2

And this is what the back of the bodice looks like…rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice 1

Since this dress has a different bodice than the other dresses I’ve made for myself, I had to change the way I sewed the sequins onto the bodice. Before I began working on the dress at all, I practiced sewing sequins on what should become River Song’s bodice from The Angels Take Manhattan…

river song angels in manhattan bodice (2) Continue reading “Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern Dress- Sequin Progress Update”

Making Myself Rose’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress For the Final Time

At last, I’m making myself Rose Tyler’s pink dress from the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern for the last time. Yippie! Right now my thumb has not improved enough to make myself comfortable to hand sew a lot. Because of this I cannot hand sew the sequins onto the bodice yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the rest of the dress so it will be ready for sequins when my thumb is ready to work!

Although I said I would test out patterns for the dress, I decided for my dress to use the bodice from Simplicity’s 1194 before working with the second pattern. I feel in love with the simplicity of the bodice (No princess seams, just darts) and, despite years of avoiding using darts, I’ve begun to grow a little fond of them lately. Not sure why I’m becoming fond of darts, but I am. Huh.

rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice Continue reading “Making Myself Rose’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress For the Final Time”

Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood Dress- The Work in Progress Post

As with the past few years, I’ve been working on a complex dress to wear to the 2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival. This year is another Doctor Who dress: Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood dress.

Despite making progress on the dress in October, progress was slowed down due to all the hand sewing I needed to do on the dress. It’s been frustrating, but as of this post I’m almost done with my dress.

I’ve been making posts on my Tumblr about the progress I made on the dress, but I felt sad I never mentioned the dress or the progress I’ve made on it here on my main, formal blog. So, here’s some progress pictures and notes about the dress! Continue reading “Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood Dress- The Work in Progress Post”

New Stuff in my Etsy Store… Sort of

When I started my vacation from my Etsy store, I planned on working on new things, specifically prom dresses, for sale in the store. Unfortunately, my normal day job and my life in general got in the way of my plans, causing me to not have the time to finish my stuff for the shop. So, here it is, March, and most of the stuff I have to sell at my shop is sewing patterns I want to sell. It’s disappointing, but it was beyond my control.

Although I had problems finishing my intended Etsy shop projects, I was able to finish one thing in time to be listed today. It is a skirt intended for a Clara Oswald Time of the Doctor costume….

claraoswald totd deepbreath skirt

Although I’m trying to aim the clothing I sell in my shop away from Doctor Who cosplay items, I decided to sell this skirt. The reason why I’m selling the skirt is because I made the skirt for myself, but I made the skirt too small to fit me. *face/palm* It’s weird. I can make things for others and it can fit them, but I can’t make anything fit me properly. Ugh. Anyway, I decided to finish the skirt and then list it for sale on Etsy. It’s not a bad skirt and it should last many wears. I just wish it fit me! XD

That’s the only new thing I have for sale on Etsy at this time. (Sans sewing patterns) I have two dresses I’m working on that might get done by this time next week. (If nobody bothers me while I sew…) Once they’re done, I’ll talk about them in their own post. 🙂

I’m planning on selling some original sketches and watercolor paintings on Etsy, but I’m having a hard time letting go of some of them. I really like how they turned out so I think I’ll keep them, frame them, and hang them on my wall. When I get tired of looking at them, I’ll either list them for sale or give them to a friend.