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Clara Oswald Romper Fabric

A while ago I was asked by someone on Spoonflower to make fabric designs based off Clara Oswald’s clothing. One of the designs I was asked to make was of the romper (Or playsuit depending who is talking about it) worn in the end of Journey to the Center of the Tardis.

According to Mariah’s Cosplay Site, there is some controversy over who made the romper. Some think it is a Topshop romper while others think it is a Basic Editions romper. You can read more about the romper at Mariah’s Cosplay Site here and here.

When I made the fabric design, I wasn’t sure what direction to go in for the design. After quite a bit of thought, I decided to follow the Basic Editions romper fabric design.

Although I liked the fabric design, I always like to make my own original version of cosplay fabric. That way I don’t have to worry about copyrights and I can also sell prints and such of the design if I want to. Due to many distractions, it took me a while to finish the fabric design, but I was able to finish it, ordered swatches of the design, and it arrived earlier this week!

Here’s what the swatch looks like…

clara romper fabric

The design is a lighter blue than the Basic Editions fabric design. I’m still going back and forth about if I should make the design darker because I really do like the cobalt blue color.

You can see the design on Spoonflower here.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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