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White Wedding Dress Sketch

Hi everyone! I’m still going through old, saved drafts of post here on my blog and editing them so I can post them for this year. For today’s post, I wanted to share a sketch I drew of a wedding dress I wanted to make for sale on my Etsy store back in 2015.

After a failed attempt at sewing a new version of Rose Tyler’s Idiot’s Lantern dress, I decided to re-purpose the pieces into a new dress that I would sell in my Etsy shop. It was supposed to be a prototype that I would eventually make for sale on demand.

I wanted to make the dress out of white chiffon contessa satin and white chiffon. The back of the dress has shirring to allow for different sized women to wear it. Also, to help it be more flexible size friendly, I planned to make it a halter top and include a bolero jacket.

I never ended up making the dress and all the pieces went to making a different costume, but I still liked the sketch of the dress’ design. I’m unsure if I’ll eventually make the dress in the future, but I think it would be a fun project if I did.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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