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K-9 Cosplays the 9th Doctor

Recently, I began to miss painting K-9. I don’t know what brought this up, but it was building for months. The only problem is I already painted K-9, he turned out very well, I’m still pleased with the painting, and don’t want to paint him again. So, I needed a new idea to paint K-9.

While talking to my dad about my art badge entry for the Pheonix Comicon 2013, we began to joke about what the badge looked like. (He never saw the painting before) He pictured K-9 wearing the 4th Doctor’s hat and scarf, but, of course, that’s not what the painting looked like. Still, that started me thinking about how cute K-9 would look if he was “dressed” like that. Then my imagination went wild thinking of K-9 wearing parts of each Doctor’s costumes as a way to “cosplay” as them. And a new painting series for K-9 was born.

The first painting I completed was based off the 9th Doctor….

K-9 cosplays 9th doctor

You can fave it here on DeviantART.

I painted 9’s leather coat as brown because the coat used in the series was dark brown, but it looked black. I included a banana because 9 carries a banana. The coat is draped over K-9 because, well, K-9’s shape is like a box (What am I saying?! He IS a box!) so a human coat with arm holes won’t fit him. I also think draping the coat over K-9 makes him look cute.

In addition to draping the coat over K-9 so he’d look “cute”, I painted him with a banana balanced on his nose like I’ve seen real dogs do with treats. ^_^

Although my original idea for these paintings was to release them in order of reintegration (K-9 cosplays the 1st Doctor, K-9 cosplays the 2nd Doctor, ect.) I went out of order because I’m still currently working on the paintings. The series was supposed to by my way of celebrating the 50th anniversary and to build up to Matt Smith/11th Doctor’s regeneration in the Christmas special. Since the special will air in exactly 10 days, I’m in a time crunch. So, I’m releasing them when I finish them, which will hopefully before December 25, 2013. Ack! So much to do and so little time! XD

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