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K-9 Cosplays the 2nd Doctor

Continuing to go out of regeneration and posting order (Sort of), here’s today’s painting in the K-9 cosplays the Doctor series…. the 2nd Doctor!

K-9 cosplays 2nd Doctor

You can fave the painting on DeviantART here.

This one is so far my favorite in the “cuteness” department because I painted K-9 playing the recorder. I didn’t originally have that idea when I began to paint this picture, but after working on it for a while I thought it would be funny to paint.

As for what represents the 2nd Doctor in this painting, the jacket, bow tie, and, of course, the recorder are all from the 2nd Doctor. It was my first time painting a bow tie with polka dots and I thought it would turn out bad, but it didn’t. I’m pleased with how the painting turned out.

I have no idea what regeneration K-9 will cosplay next, but I’ll get it done when I’ll get it done. 🙂