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K-9 Cosplays the 1st Doctor

Well, here’s the third painting in the K-9 cosplaying series, this time it’s the 1st Doctor!

K-9 cosplays 1st Doctor

Clicking on the picture will take you to the DeviantART page of the painting.

Originally I thought this painting would be the hardest to create because it’s been years since I saw any First Doctor episodes, but after doing searches online (And looking at cosplayer to see how they dressed) I had plenty of ideas. I saw a photo of the First Doctor wearing a monocle and since the First Doctor is the only regeneration that wears a monocle (As far as I know of) I though it would be cute if K-9 wore one as well. The scarf coloring is from the comic Time and Time Again. I painted it this way because it was easier to color and I could finish the painting in time. 🙂 After finishing the painting, I thought K-9 looked kind of funny, but I think it’s because the hat is covering his ears. And I’m not used to seeing him look like that. 🙂 Much to my surprise, I’ve been able to keep up with my original idea to finish a painting a day until Christmas, which is when the 11th Doctor will regenerate. I might be able to, for the first time ever, fulfill my painting intentions! WOW! Well, that’s all for now!

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