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Costuming Sewing Plans for 2020

It’s almost 2020 and it’s time to start planning for new sewing projects. I’m not sure what kind of general sewing projects I want to work on, but I already have an idea of what kind of costumes I would like to make. Although I make a costuming sewing plan list every year, I don’t finish anything on my list. In this coming year, I already gathered all the fabric, patterns, and, with some costumes, all the supplies I need to make them. All I need to do is sew them!

Because I’m so prepared to start sewing, I’m extremely confidant that I will complete nearly everything on this list. (I say nearly everything because there is always that chance my life may distract me from sewing) So, here is my costuming sewing plans for 2020!The first costume I want to make is Belle’s yellow dress from the live action version of Beauty and the Beast…

I purchased the pattern for it in 2017, collected the fabric for it, and never made it. The reason why is because I lost motivation to make it and I became too sick to sew as much as I used to. Even though I love Belle’s dress from the cartoon and the Broadway musical more, I think I should make the live action dress first.

The next costume I want to make is an Angela Clayton costume pattern. Actually, I want to make two. They are M7763…

and M7732…

(The pictures of the patterns are taken from McCall’s website.)

M7763 is an Italian Renaissance inspired dress. I wanted to make an Italian Renaissance dress since I was a girl, but when I was old and skilled enough to make one, I couldn’t find a sewing pattern. All the old sewing patterns I wanted to use are no longer in print (Except for one in Simplicity’s print on demand) and are available to extremely high amounts of money. When this pattern came out, I was super excited. I have the fabric I can use to make it (Or can easily buy new  fabric that I can use to make it) so I can start making it for this year’s Renaissance festival.

As for the M7732, I wanted to make an 1890’s style costume but could never decide on what the costume should look like. I finally decided to make M7732 because I think it would be a great introduction into making 1890’s without the pressure of designing an original costume and learning about how to sew 1890’s clothing without guidance.

Another McCall’s costume pattern I want to make is an Outlander costume pattern. I want to make one this year, and it is 7792…

(The picture of the pattern is from McCall’s website.)

The pattern makes a coat and… well… I don’t have the fabric for this one. I plan on using some scrap fabric from a coat I’m currently making, but I’m unsure if I’ll have enough fabric. Still, I know where I can get more if I need it.

The last costume I want to make this year is River Song’s Day of The Moon dress from Doctor Who…

I made this dress before and it turned out well for the first try.

And then I found and purchased the screen accurate dress in a non screen accurate color and saw all the inaccurate parts of my home made dress. So, in the quest for a better made, better fitting version of the dress, I will be remaking this. Even though this is a costume, I really want to make this dress because I really love the dress and would like a machine washable version of it!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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