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Simplicity S8926 Sewing Pattern: Plans and Ideas

Hi everyone! Last year, I purchased a copy of Simplicity pattern S8926. At that time, I wanted to buy a pattern to make a sort-of almost look a like pajama set I saw on YouTube. The person I saw wearing the pajamas is from Japan and, knowing Japanese sizing, I will most defiantly not fit them. (Even though the pajamas are oversized and will probably fit me that way, I am still too tall to wear them!)

Despite the size difference, I couldn’t stop thinking about the pajamas. They were so cute and practical! They would also be fun to wear during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a set for adults. So, I decided to make myself a set.

After searching for a pattern in my pattern stash to use for the pajamas, I decided to look for one in the new season patterns. I really liked Simplicity’s S8926 a lot. It reminded me of the pajamas a lot, but it was still different enough to make me feel like I’m not making an absolute copy of the pajamas. I also liked the fact I didn’t need to pattern draft made me really happy!

This is what the pattern looks like…

The pattern creates two tops in different lengths and one dress. All three have the same neckline but can be made in different sleeve lengths. In addition to the dress and tops, the pattern also creates pull on pants in two different pant leg lengths. Both pants have pockets and have drawstring waistbands.

When I originally planned to make the pattern, I decided to make a pair of pants with the shortest length of pants and a top with the longest length it can be made in. I also decided to make the dress and the longest length of pants, but only if I had enough fabric.

The fabric I wanted to use to make the pajamas and dress is flannel. I needed a flannel pajama set for winter and I thought this pattern would make the perfect flannel pajama set. At that time, I knew there were sales on flannel. This meant that not only would I be able to make the kind of pajamas in the fabric I want to make it in, but I would also save money! Also, I could purchase a full bolt of fabric and will be able to make all the variations of the pattern I want to.

I did find the fabric I wanted to make the pajamas. I picked a black flannel for the pants and a plaid flannel for the top and dress. I purchased 15 yard bolts of both, so I have more than enough fabric to make everything I want to. There will be more fabric left over, so I plan on using the fabric for other planned sewing projects.

Although making the pattern is pretty straightforward, I did decided to make the pants first. I really wanted a pair of pajama bottoms with pockets, so I decided to make the pants first. And that’s what I’m going to talk about in my next post about the sewing pattern!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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