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Desert Photographs are Returning to This Blog

Hi everyone! Yes, it’s true! I’m going start posting new desert photographs again! If you didn’t know, I stopped posting desert photographs last year. There is an area where I like to take photographs of the desert where I don’t usually bother many people with my photographs. In 2022, more people moved to the area, which caused the landscape to change. This coincided with some really major setbacks in my life and some other scares that I never mentioned in my life. With everything that happened that year, and the fact I am really emotionally attached to the patch of desert I usually photograph, I decided to no longer post photographs of the desert.

Today, everything I had problems with in 2023 have either calmed down or are no longer a problem. There are still things that bother me, but overall, things are much better. The desert is still changing, but I’m no longer upset with it changing. Even though the changing desert doesn’t bother me, some of my favorite places to photograph isn’t as photogenic as it once was. After looking around the area, I found some places to photograph and, if I position myself just right, then I can avoid the new buildings in the area.

For the past two months, I built up a collection of photographs of the desert. I won’t get around to posting them until next month at the earliest, so everyone will need to wait a while for the photographs. I decided to delay posting them because I have other things I would like to write posts about before I start posting photographs again.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!