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Desert Highway Spring Blossom Photographs- March 15, 2020

On March 15, while on my way home from running errands, I decided to do something I wanted to do since January: Pull off on the side of the road and take photographs of the wildflowers. There was a road not too far from where I live that was perfect to do this. It was quiet, less populated, and had beautiful scenery.

After traveling to the road and pulling off the side of the road, I crossed to the other side to take photographs of some of the flowers. Before I made it all the way across, I took a photograph of what the road looked like that day…

Like I said, it was quiet, pretty, and not full of traffic. I was still scared to stand in the middle of the road to take pictures because I didn’t know if there would be someone deciding to break the speed limit and I didn’t have time to react.

I took many photos of the blossoms on the side of the road, but only the photos of the Desert Marigold turned out clearly…





I wish I had more photographs from that trip that turned out clearly, but I am happy I have something I can post online!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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