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Pink and Green Log Cabin Quilt Block Finished

In my last post about the pink and green quilt, I talked about the fabric I used for the quilt. I took the photographs of the fabric a few months ago. Since then, I finished all the blocks for the quilt!

Here is what the finished blocks look like…

I had some problems with the quantity of fabric I needed to make the quilt. I wanted to make a king size quilt, but I didn’t have enough olive green fabric for the last strip of the panel. I found some fabric in a different pattern at Joann’s that would work perfectly as a substitute for the original fabric. Even though it didn’t have the same design as the original fabric, it was exactly the same shade of green as the original. I used it instead of searching for the original fabric.

After I finished sewing all the blocks together, I started to lay them out in a pattern. I’ll talk about the pattern I picked in next week’s post.

Well, that’s all for now! thank you for reading!