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Yowane Haku Sandplay Singing Painting

A while ago (More like four years) I started to see cosplays based off the artwork used for the Vocaloid song “Sandplay Singing of the Dragon”. I wanted to make a cosplay for myself, but I was so busy with my life I couldn’t make one for myself nor could I afford to buy one pre-made.

Since then, my desire to make one of the costumes based off the artwork has waned, but I still am fond of the costumes, especially Yowane Haku’s. I originally wanted to make her costume for myself because I like the way it looks more than all the other Vocaloid’s costumes. Also, cosplayers didn’t make Yowane Haku’s costume wasn’t made as much as the other Vocaloids so I thought it would be nice if she got some more attention. 😉 Although four years have passed, I’m still fond of Yowane’s costume and I wanted to get the love I have for the costume out of me in a way that doesn’t require me to add another costume to my already too long list of costumes to make. So, I painted a picture of Yowane wearing her costume.

Clicking on the pictures will take you to the deviantART submissions of the art.

I drew and colored the whole entire picture in Gimp with a Bamboo Wacom tablet using the original picture as a reference.

Line art….


And the colored and completed version…..

Vocaloid Yowane Haku wearing her Sandplay Singing of the Dragon dress.
Vocaloid Yowane Haku wearing her Sandplay Singing of the Dragon dress.

I’m not entirely fond of her lips being the color it is right now, but I think I’ll keep it like that until I get really annoyed with the color…. which might be sooner than later. 😉

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