Costume Update for Fable 3 Costume

Today I have finally completed my Fable 3 Elegant Princess Suit! It took a long time for me to finish the costume, but I finally managed to do it! I began this costume in November of 2011 and finally finished it today. (August 2012) The dress is made out of white cotton, light blue shinny satin, blue dupioni silk, gold dupioni silk, and gold spandex.

As per usual, I don’t have any photos of me wearing the costume. I hope I can have photos of me wearing the dress some day soon, but for now you’ll have to make do with a work-in-progress photo. :P

Here’s a reference picture of the dress I’m talking about. I didn’t end up relying on the game for my reference pictures because I don’t own the game and I don’t play video games. (Yes, it’s true.) I did use the video game reference guide to help me with reference pictures, but I did end up making the back different because I didn’t like the way the back looked very much. Here’s a picture I used as my main reference from the reference guide….

And here is the only picture I have on hand of the costume I made. It’s of the sleeve and the detail I worked very hard on….

Sometime soon I’ll take really nice photos of the tiara I made to go with the costume and add them up here. Ugh. I guess this means I need to get some good photographs of me wearing the whole entire costume? Drat! I’m not big on being the one in front of the camera (Because I’ve had really bad luck with people taking my photos) so this might be hard for me to force myself to get some picture of me wearing this costume….

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