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Phoenix Comicon 2012 Photos Part 1

I decided not to make a convention report for the Phoenix Comicon this year. Instead I’m going to post photos I took from the convention in this post and eventually put my favorites into the photography section. I’ll add captions to the photos if the photos need them.

Because I have so many photos, I’ll post them in at least two parts. Maybe three or four at the most. Here’s part one….

The Light Rail station waiting for the train to take my friend and I to the Comicon….


View of downtown Phoenix…


Front of the Phoenix Convention Center North Building where the PCC 2012 was held. This is the 4th (I think…) Street entrance. This is the entrance I used when my friend and I got off the Light Rail.


The Second floor of the Phoenix Convention Center North Building….


View from the second floor of the Phoenix Convention Hall North Building….




Crazy carpet on the second floor of the convention building….

(I lost the photograph of this while working on my blog. Sorry!)


Tardis that was sitting in the corner of the Exhibitor’s Hall. You could walk up to it and take photos with it. Where the white “Public Telephone” sign is on the door can be opened and there is a phone you can look at. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos of it.


There was even a Dalek that you could take pictures with too. The Dalek mostly stayed around the Tardis but I did find it roaming around the hallways on the way to a Doctor Who panel. I thought it was pretty great, until it started to chase me. Probably the first time in my life I ever wished I had a sonic screwdriver…




What the front of the rooms look like without the panel participants sitting at the table….


That’s it!

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