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Thor Valkyrie Sketches- Headdress

A while ago I talked about making a Valkyrie costume inspired by the costumes used in the movie Thor.  I originally planned to make the costume for the Arizona Renaissance Festival this year, but after working on the costume, my ideas became more and more elaborate until it became impossible for me to complete the costume, wear it to the Renaissance festival, and be happy with the way it looks. So, I decided to not wear the costume to the festival this year. I will continue to make the costume, but not for a while.

I’m still planning on making a headdress inspired by the circlet crown used in The Metropolitan Opera’s production of The Ring Cycle staring Deborah Voigt as Brunhild. I’m planning on making the headdress out of wire and perhaps use some beads and jewels for decoration.

Clicking on the picture below will take you to the deviantART page of the drawing.

I wanted it to have the “typical” Valkyrie headdress, with wings on the back of the head, but I wanted it to have an “airy” feel to the headdress. I wanted this because it will look feminine and will contrast and look different than Thor’s helmet. Since Thor’s helmet has wings on it and was in a similar shape to the way I wanted the headdress wings to look, I wanted to try to make the headdress look different than Thor’s helmet while still looking tough enough to be suitable for a warrior to wear to battle.

I finally settled on basing the headdress and the details on it off the art style art nouveau. I wanted to make the headdress be influenced by the art nouveau style for three main reasons…
1) It would be easier for me to make the headdress if it had art nouveau designs in it. (As apposed to something like art deco and Victorian designs…)
2) A headdress with vine-like designs and a “pierced” look to them (Spaces in between the wire so it can be looked through) will be a sharp contrast to Thor’s helmet, which is solid and more “masculine” looking. It also gives the “airy” look I want because it would look like the headdress is hovering in air. At least that’s what I imagine it looking like…
3) I really like art nouveau art and jewelry a lot.

I’m still trying to figure out what swirls look good where along with how the fold of the wings will look like in the back of the headdress and what exact wire gauge will look best and where. I do plan on making the whole thing out of wire (I know how to use wire to make stuff like this. Craft foam and clay? Not so much….) but I’m not sure if I should add crystals and other beading jewels to the headdress. Still trying planning it right now. XD

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