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Daenerys Targaryen Wedding Dress

While going through my old rough draft post here on my blog, I found this post from 2015 that I never got around to post. Looking back on 2015, I can honestly say that year was not a very good year for me. Nor was the year after that, but I was able to finish a costume for Phoenix Comicon 2015. (Three years later the convention’s name has changed twice, so it shows how much things can change in a few years time!) Since the costume is finished and I posted so many sunset photographs it’s making me tired of writing posts about them, I decided to publish the post I wrote about it, with a lot of edits to make it current for 2018.

I didn’t go 2015 Phoenix Comicon for several reasons, one of them was I didn’t have the money to get a hotel room when they were available. I kept my hopes up until the weekend before the convention, but I decided not to go because I was still fighting a nasty case of spring allergies and had trouble with life stuff. Not going made me sad because I made a new costume for the convention, Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding dress…

daenerys wedding dress 1 daenerys wedding dress 2

daenerys wedding dress 3

This costume was made very quickly (Two days) and a Game of Thrones costume isn’t the kind of costume I thought I’d ever make for myself, but I really like it.

Although I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones (Too much blood for me), I am a huge fan of the costumes! Every time a new season premieres, I get excited because I know that means there are new, beautiful costumes for me to look at. While looking at the Game of Thrones costumes, I realized some of them, such as Sansa Stark’s wedding dress which closes with ties instead of a zipper, can accommodate a changing body size. When I realized this, I began to pour over the Game of Thrones patterns I had in my pattern collection to find a dress simple enough to make quickly for Comicon. That dress ended up being Daenerys’ wedding dress.

Since I didn’t go to Comicon, I didn’t finish the sleeves of the dress nor get a wig, but I am happy I finished the dress! Although it was made in a rush and I wasn’t able to make it as nice as I’d like it to be (With french seams and such), I’m still really pleased with the dress. The pattern I used was Simplicity’s pattern number 1347 view C.

Even though I’m very happy with the way the dress turned out, I’ve contemplated making a new version of the dress using chiffon and nicer satin than what I used to make this dress out of. As of this post I’m not settling on any ideas, but every time I think about going to a convention, the Renaissance festival, or it gets near Halloween time, I think about remaking it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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