Clara’s Cold War Dress- Second Version Part 1

A few years ago, I made my own version of Clara Oswald’s dress in the Doctor Who episode, Cold War. While I made it, I hated how it was turning out and, after completing it, I hated the way it looked even more. I always wanted to remake it, but it wasn’t until 2016 I was able to do it. Because I made and finished the dress in 2016, I don’t remember a lot about the dress itself or how I constructed it, but I wanted to talk about it before it becomes a costume that gets lost in my closet and is forgotten before I can talk about it on my blog.

While doing research into the dress, I found Mariah’s Cosplay Site has a page dedicated to the costume and even has an idea what kind of dress was used in the episode, the Vivienne Westwood Metallic Pannier Dress. After reading it, I decided to make my dress have a similar neckline to the Vivienne Westwood dress, but modify it to accommodate my recent and future weight loss. 🙂 Continue reading “Clara’s Cold War Dress- Second Version Part 1”

2014 Costume and Sewing Round Up

Even though I always wanted make a costume and sewing round up post, I never made one before. I decided this year to change it! I also decided to do a round up post for my art and photography, but those are coming soon.

This year I didn’t get the chance to wear many of the costumes I made. Usually what happened is whenever the event I was going to dress up for came, I got sick (Arizona Renaissance Festival) or I got hurt and didn’t feel like dressing up. (Phoenix Comicon) Fortunately, some of the costumes looked like regular clothes so I was able to wear pieces of them with my normal clothes. I really enjoyed it!

I don’t remember all the costumes I made this year but these are some of costumes I remember the most…

Elizabeth i from Day of the Doctor…

Finished dress from the front
Finished dress from the front

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Clara Oswald’s Cold War Dress

In continuation of my previous post about the costumes I planned on wearing to the 2014 Phoenix Comicon, here’s one I was planning on wearing on Friday night of the convention!

I was planning on going to the Party Like a Time Lord dance but I ended up skipping the dance to get a photo with John Barrowman. (Not a bad trade if you ask me!) If I had gone, and wore a costume, I was going to be Clara Oswald from Cold War. In the episode she wore a light blue party dress with silver sparkle heels, perfect for a dance at a convention! Or a dance period. So, I dragged out the fabric I was hording for a future Glinda Blue Bubble dress from Wicked and made myself a dress. It didn’t turn out right….


I’m serious. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I have so many reasons why it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but it sums up to I made the dress in a rush. (I finished the dress in one day. Usually I take at least three to make a dress with princess seams like this one.) So it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. In spite the frustration of my dress not turning out right, something good did come from making this dress. The fabric wasn’t very good fabric. Since I was planning on making Glinda’s dress out of this fabric, I can find better fabric to make the dress out of. I plan on remaking the dress in the future, but I’m debating if I should buy new fabric or reuse the old. Continue reading “Clara Oswald’s Cold War Dress”