Costumes I Want to Remake- Spring 2018

Hi everyone! I’m slowly finishing all the sewing projects I want to write posts about, so as a sewing post filler, I decided to talk about which costumes I made in the past and want to remake in the future.

Even though I want to remake every costume on this list, I will not work on them for at least the next two or more months. There is a lot of changes going on in my life right now which makes it harder for me to sew as much as I’d like to. (This is also the reason why I don’t talk about sewing as much as I want to. I don’t have the time to finishing anything.) So, this is a list of costumes I’d like to remake one day once my life settles down a bit. Continue reading “Costumes I Want to Remake- Spring 2018”

2014 Costume and Sewing Round Up

Even though I always wanted make a costume and sewing round up post, I never made one before. I decided this year to change it! I also decided to do a round up post for my art and photography, but those are coming soon.

This year I didn’t get the chance to wear many of the costumes I made. Usually what happened is whenever the event I was going to dress up for came, I got sick (Arizona Renaissance Festival) or I got hurt and didn’t feel like dressing up. (Phoenix Comicon) Fortunately, some of the costumes looked like regular clothes so I was able to wear pieces of them with my normal clothes. I really enjoyed it!

I don’t remember all the costumes I made this year but these are some of costumes I remember the most…

Elizabeth i from Day of the Doctor…

Finished dress from the front
Finished dress from the front

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Rose Tyler’s Empty Child Jacket- Version 2

It’s been a year since I made my first Empty Child jacket and as much as I like my first jacket, I wanted to remake it. There were problems with my first jacket, mostly due to the fact it was the first time I ever made a jacket like this. Most of the problems had to do with fitting and little nit picky things, but it still bothered me. I believed I could do better, so I spent months doing more research on the jacket so I could create a better, more accurate jacket.

Probably the most annoying thing about doing more research is that my original post about the jacket usually showed up in the searches as one of the top posts. Good for popularity reasons, bad for continuing jacket research. (Someone tell me I’m not the only one who made the jacket from scratch!) I’m not tooting my own horn, but I do think this is of note because it cause me to take me even longer than I wanted to in finding new reference photos and information on the Firetrap Harrie.

After becoming frustrated finding new research photos and finding the information I already had pop up more than I’d like it to, I attempted to buy a Firetrap Harrie jacket just to see how it was made and create my own reference photos. That ended up not working out so I went back to searching for reference photos and staring at screen captures for more information.

After almost year of doing research, I decided it was time to make the jacket over again with the intention of wearing it to the 2014 Phoenix Comicon. (It might’ve helped that John Barrowman would be a guest at the convention again) I ended up not finishing it in time to wear it to the Comicon, but after the Comicon was over I was able finished it.

Here’s what version 2 looks like….



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Rose Tyler Empty Child Jacket

This poor blog has fallen to the waist side while I worked on things for the Phoenix Comicon, so before I leave for the PCC, I decided to make a post about one of the costumes I’ll be wearing while there… Rose Tyler from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Specifically the jacket.


I know this isn’t the best photo of the jacket, but you get the idea of what I’m talking about. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to cosplay as Rose Tyler from those episodes for about a year now and I’ve gathered everything I needed for the costume except for the coat. I couldn’t find the real coat on ebay (It’s a Firetrap coat, style Harrie) or anywhere else. I did find some that would pass as a look-a-like, but they were too short for my torso, my size was sold out, ect. So, I do what I always do when there is a type of clothing I like but can’t buy…. I made it myself!

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