Costumes I Want to Remake- Spring 2018

Hi everyone! I’m slowly finishing all the sewing projects I want to write posts about, so as a sewing post filler, I decided to talk about which costumes I made in the past and want to remake in the future.

Even though I want to remake every costume on this list, I will not work on them for at least the next two or more months. There is a lot of changes going on in my life right now which makes it harder for me to sew as much as I’d like to. (This is also the reason why I don’t talk about sewing as much as I want to. I don’t have the time to finishing anything.) So, this is a list of costumes I’d like to remake one day once my life settles down a bit. Continue reading “Costumes I Want to Remake- Spring 2018”

2014 Costume and Sewing Round Up

Even though I always wanted make a costume and sewing round up post, I never made one before. I decided this year to change it! I also decided to do a round up post for my art and photography, but those are coming soon.

This year I didn’t get the chance to wear many of the costumes I made. Usually what happened is whenever the event I was going to dress up for came, I got sick (Arizona Renaissance Festival) or I got hurt and didn’t feel like dressing up. (Phoenix Comicon) Fortunately, some of the costumes looked like regular clothes so I was able to wear pieces of them with my normal clothes. I really enjoyed it!

I don’t remember all the costumes I made this year but these are some of costumes I remember the most…

Elizabeth i from Day of the Doctor…

Finished dress from the front
Finished dress from the front

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Elizabeth i Day of the Doctor Dress- Completed

Wow. I just realized how behind I am in updating everyone on new and finished sewing and art projects. It’s kind of sad really and I want to fix it. Still, life stuff gets in my way more times than not. Ugh.

Anyway, I mentioned a while ago I was making Elizabeth i’s dress from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode Day of the Doctor. Well, it’s done! Actually, its been done for over a month. Almost two. Anyway, the plan was to make the dress and wear it to the 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival. I did finish it in time, but I got sick the weekend I wanted to wear it. Since the planned weekend was the last weekend the festival was open, I didn’t get to wear it. So, it has been sitting in storage, waiting for a time when I can wear it.

Yesterday, I dragged out all the sewing projects I finished and took photos of them on my dress form, including the Elizabeth dress!

I’ve already posted photos of the skirt, but here’s some more. Here’s the underskirt….


The “over skirt”…


And at last, the finished bodice…



I also took a photo of one of the sleeves…


After I finished this dress, I realized I did many things wrong. The sleeves is probably the most notable. I used a pattern that fit the size of my bust, but my arms, and most of my body, actually fit a smaller size. So, the sleeves are too big and fall off my shoulders. My recent growth spurts also took some of the swelling in my shoulders away so the sleeves are even bigger than ever.

Although I made the dress with the “over” skirt separate from the bodice, that’s incorrect. At least with the dress used in the show. There is also a zipper that should be in the back of the bodice while the front had hook and eyes. I didn’t have that in my dress. Instead, I though the back would be laced-up. So, I made it for that. When I realized my mistake, I sewed the two pieces of the bodice together in the back and added a zipper and hook and eye to the front.

In conclusion, this dress is by no means a faithful reproduction to the dress used in the episode. There is also a huge list of stuff I’d change or do better if I had to remake the dress again. Still, I’m happy with the dress. If any part of the dress falls apart (and it has) its an easy fix which is important to me. It’s not burdensome weight-wise to wear and, well, I like it!

So, that’s the first costume in my pile of sewing projects I need to make posts about. Not sure when I’ll get to wear it in public. The Arizona Renaissance Festival will start up again in 9 months and I’d really like to wear it before then. So, I’ll figure something out. Or probably get someone I know to take photos of me wearing the dress!

Elizabeth I from Day of the Doctor- The Skirts

I announced this on Tumblr, but I was lazy about making a post about my 2014 Renaissance Festival costume here. I try to make a new one each year, but I usually don’t wear them because I’m scared I’ll get it dirty, I wanted to wear comfy clothes instead of an elaborate dress, and/or I didn’t finish them in time. (Remember the Thor-inspired Valkyrie? That didn’t get finished in time. And I’m still working on it, but that’s another story.) This year, I decided to make Elizabeth I from Day of the Doctor….


I always wanted a yellow-colored dress but I could have one because my skin clashes with yellow BADLY. When I saw this dress, I knew I wanted one. Maybe not exactly an Elizabeth dress, but one in that color. After pouring through my patterns, I found an Elizabeth dress pattern that I wanted to use but never did. I also liked Elizabeth in the Day of the Doctor, so I thought “Why not make my own Elizabeth I dress for the Renaissance Festival?”

So far it’s less than three weeks away from the start of the festival and I’ve officially finished the skirts for the dress!!! I made two skirts, one inner and one outer, using Simplicity 3782. I’m also using the pattern for the bodice of the dress, but unlike what the pattern says, I did not attach the outer skirt to the bodice. Instead, I made it a separate skirt. I did this for several reasons, but mostly because it was easier for me to sew. Continue reading “Elizabeth I from Day of the Doctor- The Skirts”