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K-9 Cosplays the 6th Doctor

Today’s painting in the K-9 cosplays series… the 6th Doctor!

K-9 cosplays 6th Doctor

Clicking on the picture will take you to the devaintART page of the painting.

I was a little nervous about painting this painting because I wanted to include the 6th Doctor’s wild coat. The coat is probably the most recognizable part of 6’s attire so I couldn’t see any other part of his clothing be part of the painting. Still, it’s a wild looking coat with plaid stripes of fabric, wild colors, and more. (I used to call it the “clown coat” when I was a kid) I figured it would be a headache to color, so I delayed coloring it until today. In spite of my worries, I was able to finish coloring it in two hours. (I was watching a movie while I worked on it. Haha.) It helped that I “forgot” about drawing the appliques on the coat. Hehe! As a joke to myself, I painted K-9 looking at the coat and, in my head, he’s saying something about the wild coloring of the coat. 😀 Enjoy and that’s all for now!