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K-9 Cosplays the 10th Doctor

Today’s painting in the K-9 Cosplays series is the 10th Doctor!!!

K-9 cosplays 10th doctor

Clicking on the painting will take you to the deviantART page of this painting.

(In case you’re wondering… yes I am getting a little tired of thinking up new “attention grabbing” first sentences for the K-9 Cosplays series blog posts. :P)

Unlike some of the other Doctors, I already knew what pieces of clothing I wanted K-9 to “wear”, but I had trouble with painting K-9 “wearing” them. My original idea was to make K-9 wear 10’s glasses, tie, coat and paint K-9 facing directly forward (Like I did for the 4th Doctor painting), but after painting and repainting him twice, I gave up creating an “original” pose and re-used the pose from the 8th Doctor painting and modified it so it would have the 10th Doctor’s clothing. Right now I’m please with how he looks.

Enjoy! And that’s all for now!

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