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Off to the 2014 Phoenix Comicon!

Hi everyone! I’m off to the Phoenix Comicon for a weekend full of geeky fun, which means no Sketch Book Saturday for this week! I’ve been a little too busy getting ready for the convention to make a post. I’ll start it back up next week.

Like I have the past two years, I’ll take plenty of photos and post some of my favorites here in a convention post. I don’t know how much into detail I’ll go when it comes to typing “I did this at the convention. Then I did that at the convention.” in the convention post. Lately I’ve been feeling a little reluctant to talk about every little detail when it comes to what I’ve been doing in my life. This is due to personal reasons, but it could put a damper on my blog posts. 🙂

I do plan on posting photos most of the I took at the convention on my Flickr once I finish editing them. Some will end up on Tumblr and a few will end up on DeviantART, but the majority of the photos will be found on Flickr. I’m trying to use Flickr more than I used to and this is a good reason to use it. Especially since I can take over 1,000 photos in one day.

As for cosplaying, I do plan on cosplaying during the weekend. Yet, I’ve been having health problems related to the windy weather that seems to flare up every week in Arizona. (Part allergies. Part pre-existing health problems.) I hate the wind because it makes me feel sickly, so in the event the wind does flare up while I’m at the convention I’ll have the ability to change my costume to something more comfortable depending on my whim. Because of this, I don’t want to make a master list of costumes I’ll be wearing at the convention, announce it, and then change my mind without telling anyone.

Well, I think I’ve covered everything! See you when I get back!

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