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Doctor Who Tote Bag

Sorry about not blogging as often as I normally do. My life became extremely busy these past few months so I do have as much time to sit down and write as I’d like to. *sigh*

I felt down these past few months about my sewing because I get pulled away from my work and I can never finish anything. Earlier this month, I decided to make myself something simple so I can boost my sewing confidence.

After some thought, I decided to make a tote bag out of Doctor Who fabric I found on Spoonflower (The design is called The Doctor’s Favorite Things-Brighter by Kdowning) because I needed a new tote bag and I love the fabric I found. I had the fabric printed on Eco Canvas because it is a similar weight to my old tote bag’s fabric. Although making the bag should’ve taken one hour to finish, it ended up taking me two weeks to finish, but I finished it! And I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

doctor who toteI drafted the pattern myself and, now that I’m done working on the tote bag and used it, there are some modifications to the pattern I would like to make, but hey! It’s done! And I love how roomy it is. I have more fabric in this design and in other designs from Spoonflower that I plan on using them to make another bag. Or two. Or three. XD

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