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New Camera Reveal: Canon Rebel T6

Hi everyone! In early February, while I searching for new camera batteries, I found a great deal on a Canon Rebel T6. I wanted a DSLR camera for years, but I could never afford it. Last year, my finances improved to the point when I can purchase more things I want instead of things I needed only. Since I have the money to purchase more things I want, I decided to buy the Canon Rebel T6 my huge, “unnecessary” purchase for the month.

The great deal on the T6 included a lot of camera supplies that I wanted and needed (Including a tripod, SD cards, and extra batteries), so I was not upset with the additional items in the bundle that I may not have a use for. Even though I received a lot of camera supplies along with my camera, I decided to focus on my camera and it’s lenses instead of talking about the camera supplies.

The camera is larger than any camera I’ve used in at least five years. Even though it’s larger and heavier than my other cameras, I don’t mind the size. In fact, I really love the size because it fits my hands well and gives me enough space for my thumb to rest while holding it in my right hand.

The placement of my thumb was always a problem while using any of my other cameras, including my Cannon SX 720, which is what I used to take the photos of the Cannon Rebel. Since space on the back of my smaller cameras was limited, I would occasionally accidentally hit buttons or change the setting button. The Cannon Rebel T6, on the other hand, has enough space to have a good grip on the camera while keeping my fingers away from the dial and buttons.

In the camera bundle I purchased, I received not just one but two lenses. The first is Cannon 18-55mm lens…

This lens came in the box with the camera and an official Cannon brand camera bag. (I didn’t think anyone cared to see the bag so I didn’t take photos of it) I knew that using a DSLR would be different than any other camera I used before, but after taking the lens out of the box I knew it would also take me some time and practice to get use to operating the zoom of the lens.

I’m used to using my point and shoot camera with a built in lens and zoom, but I have tinkered with cameras with a manual operating lens. The problem I did that over 15 years ago when film was used more than digital cameras. Although I’m out of practice (If you want to call my tinkering “practice”) I still remembered enough to allow me to use the lens to take some clear photographs with my camera.

The second lens that came in the camera bundle is a Cannon 75-300 mm lens…

Unlike the other lens, this lens is not part of the camera, 18-55 mm lens, and camera bag box bundle inside the camera bundle I ordered. Instead, it was a separate lens as an extra included in the camera bundle I ordered. This lens is the reason why I ordered this specific camera bundle.

This lens is trickier for me to operate than the 18-55 mm lens. The camera I tinkered with so many years ago had what I assume today to be an 18-55 mm lens. I knew how to work it (Sort of), I know it’s rage (Kind of), and I knew how to operate it. This lens, on the other hand, is one I’m unfamiliar with. Since this lens is meant for long distance photos, it’s harder for me to control and use. The first photos I took using it was not good and I became frustrated while using it. I think I know what I did wrong, but it is the lens I’m the most intimidated by.

Well, I think that covers everything I want to talk about. Next week I’ll show the first photographs I took using my new camera! And, because so many of them are fuzzy and out of focus, I’ll share only the clear, good ones.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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