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2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival

I realized I didn’t talk about attending this year’s Renaissance Festival! I can’t believe it! Especially since it’s usually the highlight of the first six months of my year and I make costumes for it months in advance! 😛

Every year since 2009 (I believe) I’ve gone to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I really do enjoy it and have fun taking photos of everything I see. Especially the jousts!

This year’s festival was different because for the first time ever, I bought myself a season pass allowing me to go almost every single day the festival was open. I ended up skipping many days due to illness and general life stuff, but I enjoyed going more than one day! I saw things I never knew happened and I got to generally enjoy the festival instead of constantly snapping photos of everything I saw.

Since I sometimes talk about fun things I’ve done here on my blog, I thought the festival was something of note and a place to post a handful of the photographs I took at the festival. I’ve also been posting the photos I take on my DevantART (You can see the gallery here) but recently I signed myself up for a Flickr account so I could post my photos without being so harsh on myself when it comes to quality level, favorites, will people like it, ect. I usually take so many of them I feel guilty about not sharing more than a handful a year.

The photos I’m including in this post are a small amount of the photos I took at the festival. I’ll include links to the Flickr albums from each day at the end of this post. I also made a page under the photography category of my website with links to the albums as well. That page can be viewed here.


Statue near the front gate…


Tartanic during Time Traveler’s Weekend. I like to watch their morning show because they’re great, I don’t hear bag pipes often, and the bag pipes are exactly what I need to fully wake myself up for a day of festival fun. I think I belong to their “Bag Piper’s Anonymous” group of bag pipe addicts because I always run (or speed walk) to watch their morning show…


And here is my favorite subject to photograph…. the joust! I enjoy taking photos of the action and movement. I try my best to take photos of the knights looking like heroes. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fail. It’s still enjoyable for me and I have fun trying. This year I had the chance to sit back and watch parts of the joust without my camera in my face. It was so nice I want to be able to do it again next year!


Before I end this post, here are the individual galleries of my festival photos on Flickr…

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