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Clara’s Anniversary Dress Fabric

First off, I’d like to apologize for not making a post sooner to say this fabric is for sale. Everything got crazy and very busy in my life these past few months so all the energy I had to get on the computer and type was for anything but new fabric design posts. Ugh.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I’ve been looking into buying Clara Oswald’s River Island dress (The one used in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, Day of the Doctor) but after seeing the sizes and prices of the dresses I found for sale, I decided to make my own.

Much to my surprise, nobody created their own version of the dress fabric on Spoonflower. (Yet. I’m sure other designs will pop up in the future) This meant if I wanted a dress, I had to make my own fabric design.

There was a big problem with it though. I know Spoonflower’s fabric printing is amazing, but sometimes, depending on the design and colors, the way the colors look on the computer can look very different once printed on the fabric. Knowing this, I decided to order a swatch of a mock fabric design in the colors I wanted to use for my design in the fabric I wanted to use for my dress. This is what the swatch turned out like…


The swatch’s colors do not look as bright as they do on the computer, but the colors on the swatch look as close to the photos of the River Island dress I have, so I’m satisfied.

After I was happy with the way the colors looked, I drew and colored my own original design. Here’s what the final fabric design looks like…

002h scaled

I don’t know why, but the black outlines make the design look better to me. The white parts of the flowers got lost in the red background…. well, at least to my eyes. 😛

Anyway, if anyone wants to buy this fabric design, you can here. The fabric I had the swatch printed on (and plan on using for my dress) is cotton voile.

As of right now I’m waiting until my “very busy life” calms down before I can order the fabric and make my own dress. I just don’t have the time to sit down and make a dress nor the money to spare for a few yards of this particular Spoonflower fabric. So, everyone, including me, must wait for a scratch built River Island Clara dress. *sigh* It is coming though! Still, I’d like one of those dresses now…. *sigh*

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