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Triforce Nouveau

Its been a while since I talked about new paintings (Unless you count the Spoonflower contest entry) so I think its about time I mentioned I finished a new digital painting, Triforce Nouveau!

This one was started maybe a year ago as a drawing. Back then I was really annoyed with the way I was drawing art nouveau style pictures. They might look like art nouveau, but they didn’t look the way I pictured them in my head. So, I decided to practice.

Around that time I bought the Legend of Zelda 20th anniversary art book. After staring at the art for a few weeks, I decided to use the Triforce symbol in an art nouveau style practice drawing. That drawing became more and more complex until I was convinced it looked so good, it needed to be colored.

I scanned the original drawing and used the cartoonify filter in Gimp to make the lines darker. Then, I colored it.


Clicking on the painting will take you to the DevaintART page of this painting.

While working on the line art and coloring the picture, I didn’t try to make it look like another artist’s work. Since I wasn’t comparing myself to other artist’s work, I enjoyed working on this picture more than any other art nouveau style painting. (Sans the Romana i painting I did last year) I’m not sure if this should be considered art nouveau, art nouveau inspired, or something else. I just like how it looks good and I’m pleased with it. 😀

You can buy prints and such on…

The painting will also be available as fabric on Spoonflower after I get the fabric swatches in. 🙂


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