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Weekly Sewing & Life Update- April 12-18, 2020

It’s now halfway through the Arizona stay at home order and I’m feeling meh about staying at home so much. I’m normally at home a lot because I work from home, but the stress of what’s going on in the world and that I live with my relative made me feel more moody and irritable than I normally am. Despite this, I realized I needed to go back to focusing on the hobbies I used to have when I was sick with my infection. There are many hobbies I had back then, but the major ones was art, sewing, photography, and recording video of random things for memory’s sake. Doing these things cheered me up a great deal, so I wanted to mention them in this week’s sewing and life update.

Sunday, April 12:

It’s Easter Sunday and nothing really happened that day. I did go for a few walks with my dog, Brownie, and some walks on my own. That was the first time I realized she wanted to go for longer walks, so I did. I also tried my best to help my relative make Easter dinner. Unfortunately, I was unable to help out a lot because my relative knew what they were doing and I wouldn’t be much help in the kitchen.


Monday, April 13:

I had some allergy attacks that day (I think my allergies was triggered by my many walks with Brownie that day), so I was unable to do a lot of sewing. I did my normal day job work, recorded B-roll of video that I need for some of my future YouTube videos, and tinkered with my new video editing software. I also finished editing the color contrast of the YouTube videos I recorded that day. I decided to try editing an actual video the next day.


Tuesday, April 14:

I had another allergy attack, but I was able to feel it fast enough to take my allergy medication to stop myself from getting full blown hay fever. I worked on McCall’s M8029 and made some pretty good progress on it. I also recorded some video of my work on it. If my thumb holds up and doesn’t have a tendon pain attack, I will be able to finish it before the end of the week. I planned to work on a Frozen 2 messenger bag sewing kit today, but I was too busy working and taking Brownie for a walk. I was able to successfully wear her out, but she did a great job walking. She is an order dog, so her desire to walk so much because I’m at home so much makes me happy. I also recorded some video on our walk. I don’t plan on posting the videos, but I wanted to do it to get used to recording video again and record Brownie on her walks.

I edited videos in the new video editing software and I’m happy with the results. I’m so happy I can finally get back to making and posting YouTube videos!


Wednesday, April 15:

Did some normal day job work, went to the grocery store, started the long and messy process of cleaning an area rug, and edited some videos. I decided not to sew today because my thumb tendons began to hurt badly.


Thursday, April 16:

No sewing again today because of my thumb. The tendons felt much better today, but I wanted to error on the safe side and not over strain it. I went to the same Walmart I went to last week for groceries. I was happy to see the groceries and toilet paper are not purchased before mid morning. I was sad to see the fabric department was even more depleted of cotton fabric than the week before…

There was some bolts on the floor behind the cut counter…

I assumed the bolts were there because they were not put back in the proper place. Still, it was a surprise to see so many bolts just propped up like that.


Friday, April 17:

I was tried from work and, since I haven’t taken a day off in months, I decided to. My job’s current work schedule is flexible enough that I don’t need to ask for time off if I don’t want to, so I did. I already finished the work I needed before Friday, so I was free to take some time off if I wanted to.

I didn’t sew again because I was still worried about my thumb, but I did need to go to Walmart again for something. Unfortunately, the only Walmart I go to nowadays didn’t have it. So, I went to the fabric section again to see how empty it looked today…

There are more fat quarters than yesterday, but not a lot of fabric on bolts.

Saturday, April 18:

Didn’t do any sewing again because of my thumb. Did some washing. Edited videos and photographs. Wrote a few blog posts. Did a few other things, including clean, but I don’t want to talk about them online.

I did binge watch some declutter and moving videos on YouTube. After staying at home more than ever, I am absolutely sure I must move. My allergies are horrible and many times over the past few weeks I believed I had the illness that is currently going around. I take my allergy medication, but my doctors are worried about the long term effects of my allergies. So, I must move. Right now I’m mapping out an idea of what I want to bring with me, donate, or throw away as well as how badly I need certain items when I move or if I can live without them for a while. Watching the declutter and moving vlogs gives me ideas on what I should downsize and focus my efforts on bringing with me when I move. Since I have a lot of time to think about this, and time to create an organized plan for my move, I wanted to start one today. That way when the day comes I can use my plan and not be in a panicked rush to pack everything and move it even though I don’t need it.

The biggest problem I have is with my sewing patterns. I have my fabric and sewing supplies in specific, semi organized locations around my relative’s house, but the sewing patterns are absolutely disorganized. I need to start organizing them better before my move. That way, I’ll know how many boxes of patterns I have and, if I loose a box, I’ll know which ones I don’t have anymore. I’m still forming a plan on how to execute the organization of my sewing patterns, but I do know there will be a box of my vintage and favorite patterns that I will want to keep an eye on. Not many people will care about those patterns, but since I value certain patterns more than others, I don’t want to loose those ones. The plan is, once I move, I’ll take the box, or boxes, of those patterns with me personally, as well as any other valuable items I own, to make sure they won’t get lost or destroyed in the move. After those sewing patterns and items are safe, I’ll work on getting the rest of my patterns and things to my new home.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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