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New Fabric Designs- Diamond Swirl Damask

Hi everyone! Since I have a lot of new fabric designs, here will be two posts this week, one post about a new fabric design and another “normal” post.

For today’s fabric design post, I will talk about Diamond Swirl Damask. It originally started as part of a larger fabric design with a matching tiara, but I like the tiara and this design so much I separated them.

There is a coloring book version of Diamond Swirl Damask with the line art only. This design isn’t new to my Spoonflower shop, but I didn’t talk about it on my blog so here it is…

And a white and color versions.

While creating the white and color versions, I realized that I could make the white portion of the design with thick, bold lines and one with thinner lines. After playing with both versions, I liked the way both versions looked so I created two versions of the design.

Here is the bold lines version, called Diamond Swirl Damask 1

And the thinner lined version, called Diamond Swirl Damask 2

There are some color variations that are missing in this post and on Spoonflower, but I plan on making them soon and releasing them for sale in the future.

Here are the links to the Spoonflower designs…

Coloring Version

Diamond Swirl Damask 1

Diamond Swirl Damask 2

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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