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New Fabric Design- Damask Swirl

Hi everyone! For the second new fabric design post of the week, I will talk about Damask Swirl.

Damask Swirl, like so many of my new fabric designs this month, originated as part of a larger design that did not work out. Since I didn’t want all my work to go to waist, I took my favorite element of the design and created a new design using it.

This design used to be known as Coloring Book Damask 3 and the original coloring book version can be seen here. The colored version of the designs are in a “normal” version…

And in pastel colors…

The designs can be seen here…

That’s all for now! The next post this week will be about fabric, but instead of fabric designs it will be about dying fabric. It’s been a while since I dyed fabric so I wanted to talk about my new attempt to dye fabric. 🙂

Thank you for reading!